Digital means going over the edge of the Web.

We are a collective of creatives in the fields of Marketing and digital communication.

The reasons why we are fluid

→  We don’t stick to hierarchy, instead we believe in blending and team work.
Therefore we work collaborating, sharing our proficiencies and bringing in every project our different sets of skills.

→ We have a headquarter, a home office where to share and interact together, open to everyone who would like to step into our reality.
We are operational throughout Italy, and not only: You can find us in Paris and Berlin too.

Why to choose a “fluid” team?

Every particular need requires a perfect combination of skills.
You will have the most suitable team at your disposal!

There is no one “in charge” and no “delegate”.
Every team member has a direct and complete knowledge of your project.

We are Web craftsmen. Standard doesn’t belong to our work.
Our content solutions are the fruit of particular care and attention.

Our team