Digital means going over
the edge of the Web.

We are a collective of creatives in the fields of Marketing and digital communication.

The reasons why we are fluid:
+ We don’t stick to hierarchy, instead we believe in blending and team work.
Therefore we work collaborating, sharing our proficiencies and bringing in every project our different sets of skills.

+ We have a headquarter, a home office where to share and interact together but we are operational throughout Italy, and not only: You can find us in Paris and Berlin too.

We work on:

Brand & Identity

How to call your Brand? How would you like to communicate your product or service? You ain’t got a clue? We are here to help you!
+ Brand strategy
+ Naming
+ Logo design
+ Corporate identity
+ Re-branding

Web Design & Development

If you need a Website, an E-Commerce, a Web App or a Landing Page, we have you covered!
+ Information Architecture
+ UX/UI analysis
+ Web design
+ Concrete 5,  WordPress and Shopify development
+ Landing Page

Consultancy & Digital Strategy

The Web is a jungle: it takes to be strategic to reach your target. We can pinpoint the best strategy for you and your online adventure!
+ Marketing insights
+ Google Analytics and HeatMap Tracking
+ Google Ads
+ Email Marketing

Social & Content Creation

Posting on your social network take up time and we are aware of it. Don’t worry! We create your content, we manage your accounts and your campaigns!
+ Editorial plans for blog and social media
+ Facebook & Instagram Ads
+ Web writing
+ Web reputation
+ Training

Why to choose a “fluid” team?

Every particular need requires a perfect combination of skills.
You will have the most suitable team at your disposal!
There is no one “in charge” and no “delegate”.
Every team member has a direct and complete knowledge of your project.

We are Web craftsmen. Standard doesn’t belong to our work.
Our content solutions are the fruit of particular care and attention.


Andrea Marinsalta

The best is yet to come!
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Elia Marconi Sciarroni

You are inevitably part of the trend
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Marco Acciarri

Nothing is destroyed, everything is updated
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Giacomo Marinsalta

What goes around comes around Mail | In

Elena Mandozzi

Sky is the limit
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Marta Fratoni

Data know you better than your mom!
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Eleonora Ortenzi

May the creativity be with you
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